Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Day You Left Me Was The Day I Had Died

As My Faith Slowly Fades Away Into The Night
The Morning Sun Wakes Me Up to Blinding Light
So I Could Live One More Day To The Same Sight
Without You, The Very Essence Of My Life..

I See Fading Images Of The Life I Once Loved
Now I’m Destined To Spend The Rest Of My Days
Wishing For Those Dreams Where I Felt You
Where I Came Closest To My Deepest Desires

The Day You Left Me Was The Day I Had Died
When I Felt A Glass Shard Pierce My Heart
Telling Me You Would Never Stand By My Side
And Your Sweet Voice Will Never Be Heard Again

Standing Alone Out There At The Edge Of Sea
I Watch The Sun Go Down And Another Day Ends
I Think Of All The Ways I Could’ve Loved You
But My Hopeless Thoughts Only Lead To Dead Ends….

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